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We take pleasure in offering a distinctive wellness gift experience.   

Whether you are giving special presents for VIP clients,  recognising in-house achievements or holding an outdoor event, providing a beautifully packaged  sustainable gift that offers clients and guests protection from the sun’s harmful rays is a truly thoughtful and practical gift that will make a lasting impact.  

SunKiss Corporate Gifting




SunKiss Corporate Gifts


A variety of options to protect your guests, clients and employees against sun burn and to offer nourishment after sun exposure.

We work with you to design a gift perfect for your event, festival or conference which could be along the lines of the following;

-  5ml or 10ml SPF : the perfect sample size product for large orders offering 1-2 days sun protection coverage for any outside or sporting event
-  Two deluxe samples : an SPF for pre-sun protection and an after sun for nourishing treatment.  Perfect for employee gifting or event goodie bags.
-  50ml SunKiss SPF, Body Oil or After sun makes a great welcome gift
-  Sun up to Sun Down : a selection of 3 x 50ml pre and post sun products presented in a luxury pouch or beach sarong is ideal to treat top clients or just something a little more special
-  Ultimate Collection : A range of 5 x 200ml SunKiss products presented in a luxury beach/weekend bag.  Ideal for VIP gifting



‘Sunkiss is such an amazing brand to work with! A great product all our clients loved and a team that’s incredibly responsive and efficient.’


Marketing and Communications Manager
RG Events


'We used SunKiss for a large order for corporate gifting of sun cream – the product was fantastic and really well received by guests. The process was seamless and the team were really helpful in getting things turned around for us quickly. Would definitely use again and look forward to trying some other items in the range'


Lucy Seager • 160over90

Account Director      



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