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One great thing about working from home at the moment is getting ready requires quite a few less steps.

While it's OK to avoid brushing your hair and to lounge around in casual clothing, to skip sunscreen is not! if you’ve been forgoing that necessary skincare step while staying home, now is the time to reintroduce it back to your daily routine.

Why is sunscreen so important?

There are two types of damaging sun rays:
UVB (burning) rays: these are the rays that are responsible for producing sunburns
UVA (aging) rays : these rays are everywhere! They penetrate through windows when you are inside and through clouds when you are outside. They also sing deeper into the skin and play a greater role in premature skin aging. They can also cause skin cancer.

Do I need to wear sunscreen indoors?

Yes, yes yes! Standard windows filters out UVB but not UVA rays, where they penetrate right through the glass. So, sunscreen is important if you sit near a window, driving in a car or in a room with lots of sunlight.




What is Broad Spectrum

Whether you choose a chemical or mineral sunscreen, make sure that the SPF you choose is labels with ‘Broad Spectrum’. These suncreams will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. If Broad Spectrum isn’t stated, you will only be protected from UVB.

All SunKiss sunscreens contain Broad Spectrum protection and will give you piece of mind. Try our SunKiss Coconut SPF 15; a lightweight nourishing cream which absorbs easily and can be worn on the face and body each and every day.

Not just for Summer …

It’s also just as important to wear sunscreen in the Winter as well as in the Summer. Winter sports put you at a higher risk of UV exposure as the radiation increases the higher you are above sea level. Snow reflects and intensifies sunlight. If you plan on spending time snowboarding, skiing make sure you protect yourself with a high SPF. Our SunKiss Unscented SPF 30 50ml bottle, slips easily into your jackets for reapplications on-the-go!

The SunKiss Advice

UV rays are always present during the day and the only time you are not exposed to harmful UV is after the sun sets and before the sunrises, basically when it’s dark outside. Our best piece of beauty advice is to wear cream with SPF, 365 days a year. Whether you’re inside or out!