Corporate Gifting

A unique, luxurious partner for Corporate Events & Hospitality in Dubai and the Middle East

We take pleasure in offering a distinctive wellness gift experience.   

Whether you are giving special presents for VIP clients,  recognising in-house achievements or holding an outdoor event, providing a beautifully packaged  sustainable gift that offers clients and guests protection from the sun’s harmful rays is a truly thoughtful and practical gift that will make a lasting impact.  

SunKiss Corporate Gifting





A variety of options to protect your guests, clients and employees against sun burn and to offer nourishment after sun exposure.

We work with you to design a gift perfect for your event, festival or conference which could be along the lines of the following;

-  5ml or 10ml SPF : the perfect sample size product for large orders offering 1-2 days sun protection coverage for any outside or sporting event
-  Two deluxe samples : an SPF for pre-sun protection and an after sun for nourishing treatment.  Perfect for employee gifting or event goodie bags.
-  50ml SunKiss SPF, Body Oil or After sun makes a great welcome gift
-  Sun up to Sun Down : a selection of 3 x 50ml pre and post sun products presented in a luxury pouch or beach sarong is ideal to treat top clients or just something a little more special
-  Ultimate Collection : A range of 5 x 200ml SunKiss products presented in a luxury beach/weekend bag.  Ideal for VIP gifting




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