Allow your clients to bask in a sun-kissed glow without the guilt by offering SunKiss professional bespoke pre and post sun treatments.

SunKiss professional treatments can be integrated into spa menus to ensure total protection and a sense of well-being for guests.

Guests will go through a detailed skin analysis to determine their skin type and SPF requirement.  Professional sun preparation and soothing after-sun treatments are performed by therapists in spa treatment suites, cabanas or guest’s private villa.

Bye-bye sunburns!

Works to prep skin for a day of catching rays pool- or beach-side!  SunKiss pre-sun care optimises and prepares the skin for the sun.

Gentle and highly moisturising care to protect against dehydration and preserve the skin's youthfulness.

Combination of SunKiss SPF 15, SPF 30 or SPF 50 in Unscented, Coconut and GLOW Sun & Body Oil. Finished with a spritz of SunKiss Invisible Spray.

Select from 6 different treatments.

Replenish your thirsty body...

Nourishing and soothing post-sun treatment from tip to toe, 
is the perfect tonic for anyone who has spent time in the sun and doesn’t want the effects of sunburn to ruin the rest of their holiday. Our spa therapists use our natural and organic Aloe Vera during your treatment.

Our 'Kissed by the Sun' treatment using our two aftersun products -  SunKiss Replenishing Gel & Recovery Moisturiser - will repair over-exposed skin, prolong your tan and prevent peeling. Your skin and body will feel and look refreshed and revitalized as well as smooth all over.

SUNKISS PROFESSIONAL is available in 1 and 5 liter Spa sizes.

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