How to treat a sunburn: Our guide to soothing your skin

How to treat a sunburn: Our guide to soothing your skin

Sunburn can happen to the best of us.   You may have super sensitive skin or perhaps you skip using your sunscreen as the thought of re-applying every 2 hours is far too tedious.   Sunburn is a truly horrible thing, leaving you with redness, irritation, painful burns, nasty boils, dry flakes and a significantly higher susceptibility to developing skin cancer.

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in discomfort and to help relieve the pain, the SunKiss team has put together a few ‘Do’s’ to treat and find relief :

DO: Stay out of the sun

As soon as you feel your skin is burning, look for shade or get indoors immediately.   Stay out of the suns direct rays until your skin has settled and healed.

DO: Take an OTC pain reliever

Ibuprofen and anti-inflammatory medications will help relieve pain and reduce inflations.

DO: Stay hydrated

When you get sunburnt -or in fact any burn- your body fluid is drawn to the skin's surface which in turn leaved you dehydrated.  Do ensure that you drink lots of water and liquids to replace lost body fluids and help your skin recover faster.

DO: Cool down your skin

Apply a moisturiser that contains aloe vera to help soothe the burn and support the skin barrier as much as possible.  SunKiss’s Aloe Vera Replenishing Gel provides instant relief to redness and skin discomfort.  A cold compress works very well too.   

DO: Take a cool shower or bath

To prevent further irritation, you need to remove trapped heat to your damaged skin – a cool shower will do the trick.   As well as sunburn, an ice bath for a few minutes can also reduce inflammation.

DO: Use light, breathable clothes

Try to wear as light fitting clothes as possible and especially those with natural fibres such as linen or cotton – these will help allow the heat to escape.

DO: Remember SPF is your BFF

Stay out of the sun until the burn fades but do remember it’s crucial to wear sun protection with a broad spectrum against UVA and UVB damaging rays.  If you’re looking for a mineral sunscreen SunKiss Unscented SPF 30 is ideal for the entire family and those with sensitive skin.    If  you’re active most days, look no further than our SunKiss Sun Defence SPF 30+, it’s water and sweat resistant for up to 40 minutes and won’t run into your eyes.

SunKiss Aloe Vera Replenishing Gel for Sunburn