SunKiss Tips and Tricks for a Day at the Beach

SunKiss Tips and Tricks for a Day at the Beach

At SunKiss we are lucky enough to live in the sunny Emirate of Dubai, with the warm, aqua-blue Persian Gulf and miles of snowy-white, beaches.

There is nothing like the ocean to completely reinvigorate your body and soul, perhaps this is why we stayed so long in the UAE and made it home. It definitely contributed to our decision to create a locally made sunscreen, what better excuse to get our toes in the sand than to ‘test our formulations’ whilst indulging in our passion…a day enjoying the sea breeze..

In case you need any persuasion, we thought we would jot down 6 good reasons to grab your beach bag (and your SunKiss!) after all, a day at the beach is never lost time.

1.      Leave technology behind

Make the most of relaxing without your phone, laptop or tablet for a few hours.  Left alone with uninterrupted thoughts you will find your creative juices flow with the lack of distraction. Focus on the moment, and certainly don’t buy a protective case….leave technology behind. Instagram will still be there when you plug back in, enjoy not looking for the perfect shot to see which one you should post to Insta Stories with the perfect caption…instead live in the moment….what a relief!


2.   Take a beach walk

Unplug. There’s no goal, no rush, no race, no place to be. Relax and find some seashells along the way. A walk can be even better than a run when it comes to clearing the mind. There’s nothing more cathartic than a long walk on the beach. It doesn’t have to be fast, and it definitely doesn’t require a watch, a Fitbit, or any kind of app.


3. It’s good for your joints and skin

The ocean is full of minerals that heal little nicks, cuts, and scrapes, and if you take a handful of sand and exfoliate, your skin will be grateful for days. (Just remember to reapply sunscreen afterwards!)


4.      It’s easy to do a body check!

It’s easy to forget to do a body check even though we know we should all be doing them regularly. As you put on your sunblock, start with your face and work your way down your body, taking time to pay attention to your skin and looking for anything you might not otherwise notice. It’s a good practice to get in the habit of doing this regularly. Check out our blog SUNKISS TIPS ON THE TOP 8 PLACES YOU (PROBABLY) FORGET TO APPLY SUNSCREEN!


5.    Soak up Vitamin D

The sun can give you more than a good mood and a summer glow. A day in the sun is the perfect way to meet your daily intake of this crucial vitamin. Incredibly an estimated one billion people worldwide are deficient, even in the sunny climes of the UAE. Because vitamin D is synthesized in the skin, healthy exposure to sunlight in small doses has been proven to support bone growth and also prevents calcium loss in mature bones.


6.    It’s a great place for a nap! (My personal favorite!)

Nothing beats the soporific sound of waves crashing on the shore and distant voices lulling you into a some much-needed shut-eye. As is widely known, sleep deprivation messes up the hormones that regulate hunger, causing an increase in appetite and specific cravings for calorie-dense, high-carbohydrate foods, so next time you can ‘pinch more than an inch’ head down to the beach for a beach nap (in the shade and wearing SunKiss of course!)


Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let the beach invade your body....