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When we decided to create SunKiss in early 2019, we set out to make a Sustainable sun screen that would protect not only your skin but have as little impact on the environment as possible. Having lived in the UAE and Middle East for over 20 years it was time to give back. We wanted to use the local skills that we knew were available and to embrace local UAE businesses.

We appreciate starting up any new business isn’t always smooth sailing and there are always hiccups and tricky decisions to be made, we have adapted our model to be realistic about our ideas and products we want to offer. Keeping strong to the SunKiss ethos of developing a luxury, eco-friendly and sustainable sun care brand has been paramount to us.

Our goal was for SunKiss was to be a highly effective broad-spectrum suncare; reef friendly, animal friendly, vegan with packaging as environmentally friendly as possible. We spent a great amount of time researching bioplastic tubes which looked like this was the route we were going to take, however it turns out that bioplastics are not yet the silver bullet to the global plastic problem. Unless the exact facilities are available the bio plastic still ends up in landfill.

This information was a warning shot, and overnight we changed course (we’ve learnt that you have to make quick decisions in a start-up) we started researching the possibility of aluminum bottles, this has the advantage of not only being infinitely recyclable but also of being refillable, something close to our hearts. We firmly believe that we are on the tipping point of a ‘refillable’ revolution and we would like to be part of this change in the UAE.